When I was dealing with deep grief related to loss of my husband, I found my way to Lorraine Krane, LCSW.
Through her patience, nurturing and skill, I was able to connect with long held grief and anger at being
abandoned by my parents and being raised by great-grandparents. With this new understanding I was
able to obtain understanding and peace around my past.
It was a life-altering experience and I will always be grateful beyond measure for the counseling I
received from Lorraine. She is a consummate professional in her field.

Clinta D.

In my mid-twenties I entered therapy with Lorraine Krane, who in the course of time
coaxed me out of my facade and defenses. Her belief that I was worth more than the pain
I carried, transformed my life. I have loved deeper than I ever imagined possible; life
is good and it is all Lorraine’s fault!

Reanne Young, MFT

Lorraine was and is the best coach/therapist. Her empathy and engaging personality provided the immediate support that I needed. Her ability to move clients through the "blindspots" in their lives is the difference between talk therapy and healing - and it has provided me with tools that I implement daily to live a well-rounded healthy life.


Evelyn A. - Media/PR  owner

Lorraine is a therapist/coach extraordinaire! She taught me a great deal about the aging process and how to respond with humor and kindness towards self and others. I learned how to diffuse and deflect my anger and stay centered in my heart space.
I am forever grateful to this talented, creative, sensitive, patient and skilled licenses professional.


Warmly, Lillene